May 14th, 2009

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picspam: 100 episodes of MerDer

I liked the 100th eppy. A lot. I think I’m one of the few MerDer fans who did, but then I'm also a pretty big I/A fan, so the bait and switch didn't upset me as much as it would’ve if it'd been any other couple upstaging MerDer. However, I was clearly promised a LOVE LETTER from Shonda, and that eppy was no love letter to me. Because, as you may have noticed, Mer and Der were kinda not hanging out together all that much on MAGICAL 100 LOVE LETTER DAY.

So, um, I made one myself? Happy love letter to meeee. Or, you know, you guys. For less narcissism. Because this couple has come so freaking far in 100 eppys, and, as much as I do love Iz, another IzzieFest wasn't exactly how I wanted to celebrate the occasion. Also because they're really, really pretty people and I want to see it all lined up. Just like a flipbook. Only now with scrolling!

So, in honor of season finale day, have a really, really long picspam. With way too much commentary.

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lots: k: the darkest light

a post-it????


Ugh.  Will post real thoughts as soon as I have them.  Once all the rage goes away.  I think I liked it, but I'm too irritated by the post-it note to decide for sure.

ETA:  Yep, still hating the post-it.  A lot.  Actual review to come some time early tomorrow because I'm running on two hours sleep, and I'm so exhausted at this point I'm pretty much only capable of coming up with angry, run-on sentences chock full of CAPSLOCKED HATE.